What is Cached Data?

16 August 2017

What is cached data

So, what is cached data exactly? Well, in the world of computing, cached is a hidden place and  - in the case of data - it means stored away to access again. As in, a cached memory. Cached data, then, is all of the files, images, scripts (from uploaded websites on your device), and other media that is saved so that when you go to access it again, it can be pulled up without you having to re-run a search or enter in passwords. 

Cached data is saved-in-memory-data. Right there on your device. 

Cached Data

Cached data saves all previously visited data on your device, making the process of re-visiting data faster since it doesn't require reloading. 

Why does cached data exist?

Cached data saves time. And when we're frequent visitors of a page, we don't want to enter a bunch of information every single time. With cached data, it is all stored away, ready for us. The website loads quickly and makes us love the speed of our device and data plan that much more.  

How do we clear cached data?

We clear our cached data because it's good device maintenance.  The data our device stores takes up precious space. Your favorite apps and websites have to store the data somewhere and this takes up room. If you've already seen your friend's cat post or you've read a blog entry many times, that's great! But your cached data system doesn't know that.  Because of this, it is important to take the time to clear our cached data. This frees up space for even more apps and new websites. 

Clear cached data on your device
  • The devices may vary, but you should go to SETTINGS first
  • In SETTINGS find your storage menu, applications manager, or data usage
  • You will see Cached Data
  • In Cached Data, you can choose to either delete an app you no longer use or clear the app cache (essentially, starting it over again like new)
  • Next, go to your browser settings. Go to HISTORY then CLEAR CACHE. This will speed up your web browsing experience.

Now your web browsing cached data as well as your app cached data are cleared out. This all should help your battery life, speed of web pages loading, and your overall space for data usage.

What happens when I clear cache data on my phone?

Nothing but free space happens. Clearing an app's cached data is a bit riskier than than browser cached data. This is because we tend to live on some of our apps. But if you are good with starting your favorite app over with a clean slate, this clearing of the cached data will free up your device. That's all. 

Some folks do this every month, some only when their device is running slow. Whichever works for you is what you should do. Keep in mind that regardless of how much data space you free up, your data plan should be reviewed. Head over to our best unlimited data plans now and see if you can buy more data, use less data, or if you really do just need to clear your cached data for a better device experience.  

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