Virgin Mobile 12 Months for $1 deal extended through August!

01 August 2017

Virgin Mobile Deal

Virgin Mobile has extended their Inner Circle deal. 

The deal is an offer of 12 months unlimited talk, text and data for $1. Sound too good to be true? It's real, and it's available through August. If you've been considering taking advantage of this Virgin Mobile deal, now is the time to act. 

The details

Virgin Mobile will now carry iPhones exclusively. If there are any Android users still reading this, welcome.

The deal: If you purchase a new iPhone from Virgin Mobile or directly from Apple, you can get a year's worth of UNLIMITED talk, text, and data for $1. 

$1, you guys. 

1 year, you guys. 

This is a major deal and what was always meant to be a limited time offer has just been extended through the rest of August. Our advice? Act now. 

Get this deal now

1. Get an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE from Virgin before August 31 (anytime after August 31, the deal changes from 1 year to 6 months).

2. Sign up for Autopay.

3. After the $1 year is over, you get automatically placed on the $50/month unlimited plan. 

Good to know
  • This is not limited to NEW customers who switch to Virgin. Current Virgin Mobile customers can also take advantage of this deal when they buy a new iPhone. See above.
  • Virgin Mobile's unlimited data rule is no different than what most carriers are doing. Once you reach the 23GB max on the "unlimited" threshold, your data will be de-prioritized or slowed. Just be aware of this. 
  • Sure, you have to buy your iPhone outright to become eligible for this deal, but Virgin's got the iPhone SE for only $280. And at $1 for a whole year, that's not a bad trade off. 
  • When you do sign up for this "Inner Circle" deal, you get perks. These include: free round-trip companion airfare (on Virgin Atlantic, of course), a free night's hotel stay (in a Virgin Hotel property, of course), and discount on fantastic wines (Virgin brand, of course). There are more perks, look here.

How to compare cell phone deals now

While the Inner Circle deal has been extended through August, that doesn't mean it will be re-upped through September and beyond. We suggest comparing other current cell phone deals before you sign up. 

Use our comparison tools before you choose a cell phone plan.

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