AT&T's Apple product deal gives new customers first crack at iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X

12 September 2017

Pre-orders for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus begin 3 a.m. EDT, September 15. 

You should know this especially if you plan on taking advantage of the deal AT&T is offering. 

The Deal: 

If you buy an iPhone with AT&T Next you get a 32 GB iPad for $99. This will be on a 2-Year wireless agreement. 

The wireless agreement plans: 

Unlimited Plus 
Unlimited Choice

*The perk with either wireless agreement plan: HBO is included. Game of Thrones forever! 

What is AT&T Next?  

The cost of your new smartphone (Ahem, iPhone) is spread across small monthly payments. 

Trade in your eligible device (your current iPhone, for example) and you can upgrade right then and there to the latest iPhone. If you pay off your iPhone in 30 months, you only pay the wireless plan each month and own your phone outright. You can trade in for a newer eligible device or just keep the phone and use it. Chances are, you'll be using your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X for some time. 

Why this deal is sweet

  • 32 GB iPads usually run about $329. When you get on a 2-year wireless plan on AT&T Next, it will only cost you $99.
  • If sign up for AT&T Next and get the latest iPhone, you're going to want a solid wireless plan AND let's be honest:  that HBO will look great streaming on OLED Super Retina Display. 
  • 12 megapixel in the back; 7 megapixels in the front 
  • Qi wireless charging (pronounced "Chi", you'll want to know how to ask for it because this technology of wireless charging will be everywhere soon) 

AT&T iPhone Latest Release Cost Breakdown:

iPhone Installment Monthly Total (inc. Plan)
iPhone 8 64GB + $23.34/mo $113.34/mo
iPhone 8 128GB + $28.30/mo $118.30/mo
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB + $26.67/mo $116.70/mo
iPhone 8 Plus 128GB + $29.97/mo $119.97/mo
iPhone X 64GB + $33.30/mo $123.30/mo
iPhone X 256GB + $38.30/mo $128.30/mo

Check out the iPhone deals page now to discover the latest news for iPhone deals. Also, check out our guide for everything you need to know before you pre-order your iPhone. 

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