Sprint Gives Free Unlimited Data for a Year

13 June 2017

Sprint News

Sprint is leveling up the carrier competition, yet again. Thinking of switching? Act fast because the offer is valid until 6/30/2017 and is for new customers only. These savings end 7/31/2018. After that, you will be charged $60 a month for first line, $40 for the second line, and $30 for each additional line. 

Here's the deal

Between right now and June 30, anyone who switches to Sprint from Verizon, AT&T or T-Moblie can get up to 5 lines of FREE UNLIMITED for a year. All they have to do is bring in their own eligible device and buy a new Sprint SIM card. There is no line activation fee. 

Things to know and how to take advantage of this earth-shattering deal:

  • Autopay is required 
  • Hotspot data is limited to 10GB/line/month
  • Anyone who signed on will become eligible for new Sprint phone after October 1. 
  • Be aware there is deprioritization during congestion
  • There are taxes, surcharges, and SIM card fees

What this means for you

According to Sprint's Allan Samson, people are keeping their devices much longer. This points directly to the idea of switching carriers to save money - not switching devices. 

If you have been considering switching carriers or are looking for that perfect cell phone carrier plan, this is a real winner. 

A plan like this is a perfect example of how carriers really are interested in doing whatever that can to steal customers from each other. Let them fight it out while consumers enjoy  the spoils. 

Sprint kind of knocks it out of the park with this deal. If you're thinking of switching carriers, we think you should grab five friends and make the move. If you still think there are better cell phones, plans and deals or just a better carrier plan out there for you, click the link and start looking. 

There's a world of comparison for you to enjoy. Just take control of your cell phone plan. We think deals like this one are just the beginning. Happy switching. 

Here are the devices you can bring

  • Apple iPhone 5C (Verizon only)
  • Apple iPhone 5S (Verizon only)
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 6S
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus
  • Apple iPhone 7 (Verizon only)
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon only)
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Google Nexus 5 (AT&T and Verizon only)
  • Google Nexus 5X
  • Google Nexus 6
  • Google Nexus 6P
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Motorola E4
  • Motorola Z2 Play
  • Motorola G4
  • Motorola G4 Play
  • Motorola G4 Plus
  • Motorola G5 Plus
  • Motorola Moto X Pure Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Special Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ Special Edition

Cell Phone Plans

With unlimited data | Filters
Carrier Inclusions  
  • Unlimited Plan - Free for 1 Year
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contract
  • $0/mo + $12.99 Upfront
ROK Mobile
ROK Mobile
  • Unlimited Data Plan Sprint
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contract
  • $45/mo

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About Sprint...
iPhone SE

Sprint is considered one of the "big four" carriers in the United States. Sprint's many retail locations are scattered throughout the country, and the company is headquartered in Overland Park, KS. 

  • Network Sprint operates a nationwide 3G/4G CDMA network on the 1900 MHz PCS band. Sprint's LTE band frequency will support bands 25 and 41.
  • Where to Buy: Sprint sells their plans and phones online and at their over 4,500 stores. 
  • Bring Your Own Phone to Sprint: To bring your phone to Sprint, it must be unlocked and have previously run on CDMA technology. Find out more about bringing your own phone here.
  • Tethering: Customers who purchase Sprint's Unlimited Freedom Plan will get 10 GB/month for tethering purposes. Customers without the Unlimited Freedom Plan can purchase network data for $15/1GB.
  • Taxes & Fees: Sprint will charge state taxes and fees on top of your monthly cell phone plan cost.

Fact: Sprint's origins stretch all the way back to 1899 (!) with the founding of Brown Telephone Company in rural Kansas. Learn more about Sprint via our carrier review

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