Compare Sprint Prices, Plans, and Deals for iPhone X

26 September 2017

Sprint iPhone X

Sprint will have the new iPhone X and you can have it, too.

Here's a breakdown of plans, pricing, and deals with Sprint for the new iPhone X.

iPhone X Release Date

October 27 12:01 a.m. PST for preorders.

How much does the iPhone X actually cost to buy without a carrier (RRP)?

iPhone Retail Sale Pricing
Model Size Price
iPhone 8 64GB $699

256GB $849
iPhone 8 Plus 32GB $799

256GB $949
iPhone X 64GB $999

256GB $1,149

Sprint iPhone X Plans

Preorder: 12:01am PDT, October 27; online and in-stores. Trade-in credits and deals typically require an in-store visit.  

iPhone Promotion deal

Sprint has already announced a 50% off deal available to those who trade in their eligible iPhone and lease the iPhone 8. Sprint's previous iPhone deals have included Buy One, Get One during the year as well as iPhone leasing discounts. However, Sprint's latest iPhone lease is the same price as the installment and financing price, with the only difference being that it lasts 18 months and consumers can either hand the phone in or pay out 6 months balloon price (we recommend as the best leasing plan available as it is great for consumers as you don't actually need phone insurance with this lease). 

Sprint's best promotions for iPhone 7 (Buy One iPhone, Get One iPhone) ran back in May of 2017 (8 months after launch of the iPhone 7) so you might be waiting a while if you want that deal for iPhone X. 

Why Sprint?

Sprint offers both aggressive deals and what we think is one of the best phone financing option--Sprint's FlexLease which gives you a low monthly cost with plenty of upgrade and buying options.

Sprint iPhone 8 and X pricing:

Here's an iPhone X estimate of what you would pay each month if you were on an 18-month lease (payment though is divided over 24-months) with Sprint's Unlimited Freedom unlimited data plan, which costs $50/month on autopay. 

iPhone Installment Monthly Total (inc. Plan)
iPhone 8 64GB + $29.13mo $79.13/mo
iPhone 8 128GB + $35.38/mo $85.38/mo
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB + $33.29/mo $83.29/mo
iPhone 8 Plus 128GB + $37.46/mo $87.46/mo
iPhone X 64GB + $41.62/mo $91.62/mo
iPhone X Plus 256GB + $47.87/mo $97.87/mo
Prices are Forecasts Only: Based on previous pricing on iPhone 7

Sprint offers an upgrade option which allows you to get a new iPhone every year (as long as you hand the old iPhone in).

Sprint's iPhone Upgrades: iPhone Forever 

Sprint's iPhone Forever program is a dedicated iPhone upgrade program where you can lease the current iPhone and upgrade every 12 months (every new iPhone model).

  • Upgrade to the latest iPhone after making 12 payments on the device (or sooner as long as the equivalent of 12 monthly lease payments has been made)
  • The Sprint Flex lease is an 18-month payment term --the monthly payment, however is the original purchase price of the device divided over 24 months.
  • If you have not upgraded, at the end of the 18-month financing period, you have option of:
    • Trading-in your current iPhone and upgrading to a new one (not recommended)
    • Owning the phone by paying the remainder of the balance at once (recommended if you have paid off 18 months already)
    • Continuing to pay month-to-month for 6 more month when the phone will be paid in full (recommended if you have paid off 18 months already

Sprint also offer a range of plan discounts for switching to Sprint including 5 lines of unlimited data for $90/mo for 12 months.

Buying Tip on Sprint!

An amazing buying hack exists for Sprint if you're phone / account is currently with Verizon. You can pay for the iPhone 8 outright from Apple or Verizon (paying the full RRP) and then take advantage of the $0 plan on Sprint where you can get 5 lines of unlimited data for $0/mo (plus standard taxes and fees) for 12 months. 

iPhone 7 32GB Plans

With unlimited data | Filters
iPhone 7 32GB
Carrier Inclusions  
  • Unlimited Freedom Plan
  • Unlimited Data
  • Installments (24 mos)
  • $82.92/mo
  • ONE
  • Unlimited Data
  • Installments (24 mos)
  • $92/mo + $46.99 Upfront
CREDO Mobile
CREDO Mobile
  • Unlimited Data Plan
  • Unlimited Data
  • Installments (24 mos) + Upgrade
  • $99.54/mo + $36 Upfront

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