Switching Carriers: TPO to Virgin Mobile

31 August 2017

Switching Carriers TPO to Virgin Mobile

Switching cell phone plans from one MVNO to another is easy.

In fact, it's so easy, we are encouraged as a team here at WhistleOut to practice what we preach. So WhistleOut team member Rob decided to jump on the Virgin Mobile Inner Circle deal. This deal actually allows you to bring your unlocked iPhone (Rob has this) and, for just $1 a month, have access to unlimited service. 

Why did Rob leave his carrier?

Rob researched MVNOs (small carriers) and found that TPO (The People' s Operator) had great rates. The tipping point for him was that TPO offered a variety of charities that he could donate to from a percentage of his monthly fees. Being able to donate to a dog charity was a huge plus for him. 

He stayed with TPO for 12 months and then discovered the Inner Circle deal with Virgin Mobile

What is the Virgin Mobile Inner Circle Deal?

If you have an eligible unlocked iPhone you can bring it to Virgin Mobile and join their "Inner Circle". This means that you can have Unlimited Talk, Text and data for $50/ month. Alone, this is a pretty solid deal especially for anyone who owns their iPhone outright and wants to stick with their phone and save money on a plan. 

While $50 a month is great, the incentive deal to switch over to Virgin and buy a new iPhone is even better. For a limited time, if you switch to Virgin and buy a new iPhone, your first 12 months of unlimited service is $1. 

Rob decided on the BYO option

While the latest and greatest iPhone was enticing, he decided that he was perfectly happy with his current iPhone. Luckily, he didn't have to buy the newest iPhone in order to take advantage of the $1 for 12 months deal. 

The big news here is this: Rob has an iPhone 6 on a GSM network. He managed to switch over to a CDMA network on Virgin's Sprint network. 

How was this possible? After all, for so long we've been told that the GSM phones cannot work on CDMA network and vice versa. While that is generally the rule, the newest and latest iPhones are both GSM and CDMA compatible. There really hasn't been a CDMA only iPhone since the iPhone 4. As long as it is unlocked, the iPhone can be used on either network. 


Rob had an AT&T unlocked iPhone 6s on a GSM network.

He ordered online and checked his eligibility by entering the following:

  • IMEI
  • phone number
  • zip code

Instant approval. He then ordered his new SIM card and it arrived to his front door within 48 hours. 

We'd show you the unboxing of the SIM card but if you've seen one unboxing video, you've seen them all.
  • Insert new SIM into phone
  • Call activation number found on the SIM package
  • 10 minutes on the phone with Virgin call center to confirm details: credit/debit information, number, NO CREDIT CHECK, address, choose a PIN and password
In order to PORT your new number, have this ready:
  • your current carrier account number and any PIN on your current carrier account
  • 15 minute process
Rob's conclusion

"It all took less that 30 minutes to make the call, have the SIM activated and port number across to be active. Able to keep my phone and everything on it. Now getting 4G LTE on Sprint network at 24mbps. Not bad for a dollar!"

Don't Forget
  • $50/ month plan is with autopay
  • Do not cancel anything with your CURRENT carrier until you go through the porting process with new carrier and your number is fully activated with your new carrier.

Rob seems pretty happy. Are you happy with your current carrier? No? Switch to a new one now when you Compare unlimited data plans and other cell phone plan options. Learn more about the BYO process now.

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