Annual 1000 Promo

Yearly Plan

Total Price
$49.99 per year + $0.99 upfront
Calls & Texts
1000 Minutes

1,000 Messages

International Calls
Free international calling from over 60 countries
No Contract
Per Year
$4 / month
+ $0.99 Upfront

Plan Details

About this Plan

FreedomPop's Annual 1000 Promo plan includes every month:

  • 1000 Minutes
  • 1000 Texts
  • 1GB of 4G LTE data

Features & Benefits

Voice & Text (via VOIP)

Calls and Text are available to landline and mobile phones in the United States, excluding Puerto Rico and others U.S. territories.

As part of this low cost service, the voice minutes and texts you send are converted to VOIP either via cellular network (3G / 4G) or when you are on WiFi. This means that voice calls are carried over the data network, and the clarity of the call will vary with your data signal.

Upgrade to Premium Voice

You can upgrade to the Premium Voice package for $3.99/mth, and get your first month free - opt out any time. This feature will allow you to use the Sprint Cellular network in areas where there is a weak signal.

No Contract

You can cancel your plan anytime. No contracts, no commitment. Find other no contact cell phone plans by following the link.

Network and data speed

FreedomPop operates on Nationwide 4G LTE wireless networks.

Key Points


  • Free Calling & Texting to Other Numbers on this Network
  • FREE Shipping


  • Bring Your Own Phone (GSM Network)
  • Free international calling from over 60 countries

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Per Year
Plan FreedomPop Annual 1000 Promo - $49.99
Minutes 1000 Minutes - -
Data 1GB Data - -
Messages 1,000 - -
Fees LTE SIM Kit 3-in-1 Voice & Data $0.99 -
Total $0.99 $49.99

Other Phones Available

Sort Phones:

LG Tribute 2 / Duo

Android 5.1 Lollipop device with 5MP camera, 4.5-inch screen and 1.2GHz quad-core processor

More about FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a prepaid carrier that runs off the Sprint 4G LTE network. FreedomPop is compatible with all unlocked Sprint CDMA devices and offers low cost affordable plans. FreedomPop is one of the only carriers on the market that offers a truly free plan as long as users don’t exceed their monthly limits.

FreedomPop has several of today's most popular smartphones for super affordable prices! Because FreedomPop offers such low cost phones, they do not offer payment plans for their devices. If customers want to purchase a phone through FreedomPop, they must purchase the device outright.

FreedomPop reduces data speeds to 3G speeds after the first 1 GB of 4G LTE data is used. This removes any overage charges associated with FreedomPop. Most carriers slow to 2G speeds which is basically dysfunctional. With 3G speeds, customers should still be able to surf the web but it will noticeably be a slower speed.

If taking the BYO route, customers need to make sure the device is unlocked and has been paid in full. The phones original carrier is the only carrier that can unlock the device. To bring your own, the phone must previously have run off Sprint CDMA network or GSM networks.

FreedomPop’s Network Specs:

Getting Started: FreedomPop Cell Phone Plans

Fast Facts: FreedomPop


FreedomPop is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) currently available in the U.S. and U.K., with plans to expand to a dozen more countries this year. FreedomPop was founded in 2011.

  • Network: FreedomPop runs on Sprint and AT&T's 4G LTE networks. Through Sprint, FreedomPop supports 3G and 4G-compatible devices. FreedomPop utilizes AT&T's 4G network for VoIP only. 
  • Coverage: FreedomPop runs on Sprint and AT&T's 4G LTE networks. AT&T consistently ranks #2 in national coverage, while Sprint ranks #4.
  • Where to Buy: FreedomPop does not maintain any retail stores, so purchases must be made online. 
  • Bring Your Own Phone to FreedomPop: In order to bring your own phone to FreedomPop, you need either an unlocked Sprint-branded phone or an unlocked GSM phone (T-Mobile or AT&T). Check device eligibility here
  • Tethering: Android LTE phones can be used as WiFi hotspots, and are functional for tethering. You also need to have the FreedomPop Premier or FreedomPop WiFi Hotspot service activated. 

Fact: FreedomPop is designed for lighter users who have their phone connected to Wi-Fi the majority of the time.

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FreedomPop Annual 1000 Promo